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Making fleet management faster


Fleet Management is either the expensive take it or leave it feature heavy enterprise solution that requires several months of training and stakeholder buy in or at the other end, extremely basic vehicle tracking packages that are very limited. ONLICAR has re-invented the Fleet Management stack by building tools with advanced technologies that allow us to customise solutions and are naturally easier to use. Let us optimise your fleet, while you grow your business.


Our platform offers you simplicity and savings. The Onlicar dashboard is customized to only display information relevant to you and your business. Whether you manage 300 cars or 3,000. With us, you only pay for what you need.


Live/Real-time routing on the back of Google Maps, Uber Movement and Open Traffic Data to ensure the best routes possible. Our systems also offers Multi-stop route planning, nationwide coverage and traffic updates up to the minute.

The smartest tools

We’ve built our own tools to help fleets, brokers and drivers add and customize features. Our platform continually learns about your fleet specific needs. This allows us to build the perfect platform for each SME.


We believe operating a fleet is a business utility, so we've built tools and widgets that any app or website can integrate to help serve its users. From HMRC compliant expense reporting with your accounting software to gamification of drivers behaviour.


We include data from many others including Google, Apple, OpenStreetMaps, Foursquare, Yelp, Uber, Hailo and many other hardware suppliers.

Meet the team

Khizar A


Sheeraz A

Operations Director

Dinesh H

Senior Developer


Data Scientist

Anna K

Project Manager

Chelsea B


Clement H

Hardware Engineer

Andrea Z

UI/UX Designer

Dan B

Front-End Developer

Brett EW

Back-End Developer